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Service Agreement

Central Bark Dog Daycare Client Service Agreement

Central Bark Dog Daycare agrees to exercise all due and reasonable care in the handling of dogs, and in keeping the facility hygienic and properly secured.

The Client agrees that their dog will be tested for evaluation prior to enrolment to ensure that their dog is suitable for daycare attendance and the Client understands that the results provided will dictate whether attendance to the facility is possible.

The Client recognises, that for the safety of both dogs and staff, they must disclose any known behavioural/aggression problems that their dog has with other animals, food, humans, toys or any other factor.

The Client recognises that Central Bark offers cage-free daycare service with the exception of “time-outs” and rest periods. The Client understands that dogs may be placed in a time-out area for no more than 10 minutes at a time. The staff may use time-outs, physical intervention, stern commands and distraction techniques to maintain a controlled environment free of nuisance and aggressive behaviour that may otherwise escalate into uncontrolled and potentially harmful situations.

Furthermore, Central Bark is dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of abandoned and orphaned pets and has allocated a free place each day to a dog undergoing rehabilitation for re-homing. Thus, the Client’s dog may encounter dogs with issues that we are working on overcoming. However, ALL dogs will have passed the compulsory Sociability Assessment Test prior to admission.

The Client is solely responsible for any harm or injury caused by their dog to other dogs, staff or other Clients whilst in the care of Central Bark Dog Daycare.

The Client understands that all pets admitted must be in good general health, and in consultation with their veterinarian must take precautions against contagious illness and parasite exposure.

Veterinarian information and proof of all required vaccinations must be provided to Central Bark and immediately upon any change or update. Dogs must be on a flea and tick prevention programme during  their attendance. Clients must accept that if a dog arrives at daycare with fleas and/or ticks it will be bathed by Central Bark, at the expense of the Client, or may be refused entry entirely.

The Client also acknowledges that Central Bark is a cage-free environment where dogs play and interact directly with one another off-leash. The Client further acknowledges that in this environment, unintentional injuries to pets may occur from time-to-time.

The Client agrees that Central Bark will not be held liable for any injury or illness to their pet or their property whilst in the care of the facility. The Client expressly waives any and all claims against Central Bark and/or its employees for any loss or damage due to disease, escape, fire, injury or illness, theft or other cause, for prevention of which due care and diligence have been exercised by Central Bark.

For any minor injuries that may occur that do not require the services of a vet, Central Bark staff will provide basic first aid and monitor the dog throughout the day. Clients may or may not be contacted in this instance depending on the severity of the injury but will be informed at time of collection.

In the case of serious injuries or illness, Central Bark reserves the right to transport the dog to a vet. The Client will be responsible for all vet charges, transport and treatment. Central Bark will try to contact the dog’s own veterinarian but reserves the right to transport the dog to an emergency vet if deemed necessary. In the event of such an emergency, Central Bark staff will first attempt to contact the Client followed by an attempt to contact the emergency person/s listed on the original application.