Central Bark Dog Daycare

Barking Good Fun!!!


Our fully air-conditioned centre in Wangara comprises 300 sqm of indoor area divided into 3 playpens for 10-12 dogs in each at a time, with a further 300sqm of outdoor area. The pens are robust and designed for safety with high-walls, connected by a central spine with a series of lockable gates. Dogs can be moved safely and quickly, from indoors to outdoors for group rotation as well as individually to and from reception for pickup and drop-off.

All pens are equipped and fully supervised by experienced, hand-picked staff who are qualified in Animal Welfare and First Aid. Staff interact with the dogs through constructive gameplay designed to support sociability, attentiveness, learning and discipline. The outdoor area provides hours of extra fun with outdoor equipment, hidey-holes to explore and various hoses and sprinklers for (hilarious) water play!!

Check out our Dog’s Day Out page and gallery for more insight into Central Bark, its facilities and how the dogs mix it up!!

We also have an in-house hydrobath and grooming area where dogs can be conveniently booked in and tended to while at daycare or brought in for separate appointment.

Our retail shop carries a range of leading dog nutrition and care products, as well as toys, novelties and gifts of the canine kind for both dogs and owners!!

Freeplay is encouraged with dogs enjoying numerous toys and enrichment items. Staff direct games, play ball, and give sensory stimulation with sniffer games and treasure hunts for treats. The bubble machine and endless bubble chasing is a lot of fun! Many soft, comfy beds are available for a power nap between games. The outdoor area is equipped with a variety of agility equipment, platforms and hidey-holes for exploring and chasing each other through. In summer, there is lots of water play with paddling pools and sprinklers to cool down hot pups, providing another form of enrichment and stimulation.
Hydrobath pic
We can send your dog home to you both tired and clean after a day of play. Our hydrobath service includes a coat-specific shampoo (or sensitive shampoo for dogs with skin issues), conditioner and a thorough rinse with a brisk towel dry.  A quick spritz of dog cologne will have your pup smelling sweet again. Dogs can be conveniently booked in and tended to while at daycare or booked in for a separate appointment. We are usually ok with walk-ins but it's always best to call ahead!
Dogs can be groomed while at daycare or dropped in for just a Clip. We offer Full Clip, Tidy Ups or just a Nail Trim and can usually cater for walk-ins, but best to call ahead. All clips and trims include head and face trim, brushing out, a hydrobath with a coat-specific or sensitive shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, nails trimmed, sanitary areas tidied and heads and faces trimmed. Particular extras, such as ear-plucking and anal gland expression can be included on request. If you require custom cuts or something extra special, please ask and we'll be happy to quote.
We stock Big Dog BARF and Black Hawk premium dog foods and carry many tempting healthy treats in our snackshop to suit all doggy-dietary requirements. If you need non-allergenic diet packs individually made up because your pooch has a condition that needs managing, then let us know. We also carry a variety of dog-related merchandise from collars, leads and rugged play items to something for yourself, so you owners can spoil yourselves, too! Join Central Bark's Frequent Barkers Loyalty Programme and receive Member Special Offers, discounts in the shop and a free monthly hydrobath for weekly daycare customers. Our Central Bark Gift…